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Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial treatments are tailored to the individual body. Targeting specific areas.

Roz uses a wide range of soft tissue techniques to address pain and restrictions in the body caused by musculoskeletal imbalances. These include: deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, PNF stretching, mobilisation and exercise advice.

Remedial sessions can aimed at improving mobility and flexibility, reduce pain, improve posture, relax the nervous system, assist recover from injury and maintain healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments. Conditions treated include: tennis elbow, back and neck pain, shoulder impingement, sciatica, postural imbalances and more

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Massage for the Soul 

Massage for the soul pic.jpg

You don’t have to have anything wrong with you to benefit from massage.

The simple healing benefits of touch can be hugely under rated.  

Roz offers deeply relaxing treatments aimed at calming the nervous system as well as reducing physical tension in the body. Whether you prefer a firm deep tissue massage or a lighter touch or swedish style massage. Indian head and face massage can be incorporated too. Your treatment can be fully clothed with lots of gentle rocking mobilising and stretching or with scented oils to help you drop into that heavenly space of calm. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones can be added to any massage treatment or be a treatment on their own. The smooth basalt river stones derive from the cooling volcanic lava. Using these stones can help warm deep into the muscles much quicker. Relieving muscular pain and tension and assisting the removal of toxins.

Abdominal Sacral Womb Massage

Abdominal/Womb/ Sacral Massage is a treatment for women of all ages and stages of life. Treating the sacral, abdomen & womb areas of your body assisting the pelvis and organs of the pelvis and abdomen into alignment, helping balance the digestive and reproductive systems.

Did you know we have more nerve cells in the intestines than we do the spinal cord? You may have heard the intestines being referred to as our ‘second brain’, well they literally originate from the same tissues during foetal development and research suggests that the intestines can be subject to its own ‘mental illness’ treating this area can have a deeply healing effect on both on your physical and mental emotional well being.

Postural Rebalancing

Postural rebalancing is predominately a bespoke exercise program targeting postural imbalances that may be causing pain, reduced function and performance. Or maybe you’ve noticed you’ve started to slump (it happens to the best of us!) and you don’t want it to get worse and become a problem.

After the initial assessment a course of sessions can be a combination of remedial massage and exercise progression. This will depended on the individual body. The aim is to help the muscles regain their designed length and tension around a joint therefore reducing wear and tear, improving movement, function and minimising the risk of further damage to the soft tissues such as cartilage and vertebral discs.

Improve you health and wellness through postural rebalancing. 

Look better, move better, feel better and last longer.

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I’ve being seeing Roz for some time now and would highly recommend her.  Not only does she help me physically relax with a massage (this is really important for me as I have Parkinson’s) but her treatment also relaxes me mentally as well.  So effective is this that occasionally I’ve dozed off!  Seriously though, Roz brings a perfect mix of both a physical and spiritual approach to her work – a real holistic experience.

Paul Jordan"

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