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Classes with Roz

Saturday 10-11.15am
Mindful Movement @ Yoga Life studio

Tuesday & Thursday 10.45-11.45 
Posture Fit @ Natural Fitness & Therapies
The Sunday Chill - Yin Immersions
Natural Fitness & Therapies 



Mindful Movement Classes

All bodies are welcome to Roz’s classes. Her focus is on improving the general health & function of the body & calming of the mind & nervous system. Her classes have a strong focus on alignment, the breath and being mindful of our different bodies and limitations, encouraging her students to stay present with the sensations of the movement  and to let their unique body be the teacher. Her many years of experience means she can offer many modifications for different needs. The classes are paced to allow students to feel into the position or movement to gain a greater awareness of how their body is working....or not as is sometimes the case !!

Posture Fit

A gentle class to help realign the posture and bring the body back into balance.

Each week focusing on different areas of the body and functional imbalances. 

Our postural imbalances are all different, so in this class Roz looks to address the more common ones but will always give as much individual guidance as possible in a group setting.  


The Sunday Chill  - Yin Immersion

Give some precious time to yourself. This afternoon will leave you feeling both physically and emotionally relaxed and nourished. You’ll be guided into supported positions with bolsters and blankets to gently unwind your body and gently stretch and hydrate your tissues. This Yin style practice aims to calm the nervous system and release restriction in the connective tissue, improving mobility and energy flow. Accompanied with some simple breathing techniques and guided meditations to give your thinking mind a lil’ holiday and bring more peace and clarity to your being. 

Any questions please get in touch just click here

‘The classes make me feel so much better and able to move more freely.
Roz gives everyone individual attention and adapts postures and poses to individual abilities. Moreover, they are hugely enjoyable’
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