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Therapy Prices

Remedial Treatments 

1st Appointment 90mins £80

this allows 30mins for consultation, assessment & some exercise + 60 min treatment

Follow up appointments: 

60mins £55

90mins £75

Treatment Courses*

3x 60mins £150

6x 60mins £270

3x 30mins £120

6x 30mins £210

*Courses are taken as weekly consecutive appointments  

Massage For The Soul  & Hot Stone

  60mins  £55

  90mins  £75

120mins  £95

Postural Rebalancing

Initial assessment and exercise plan £175


Initial assessment, exercise plan + remedial massage £225

These are divided into 2 sessions

1st session consists of full consultation, postural assessment and remedial massage if having that option

2nd session goes through your initial bespoke exercise plan.

Your exercise plan is either outlined on PDF with full instructions or can be a video 

Follow up sessions 

Courses * 

5x 60mins £250

 5x 90mins £350 

Individual 60min sessions

for exercise plan progression £80

Remedial Massage Sessions £55

 * Courses are recommended if you are new to this. Your 5 sessions are taken weekly or fortnightly and must be taken within a 10 week period. Depending on the individual will determine whether sessions are body work or exercise progression.

** Please note all massage sessions I allow an extra 10min consultation and dressing time so your treatment time is for your treatment :)


Cancellations within a 48hr period will incur a 50% charge 

Cancellations within a 24hr period will incur a full fee

You can gift your session to someone else with prior consent from myself 

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