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Testimonial for The Roz

After spending most of my working life hunched over a keyboard I began to experience spells of lower back pain. Visits to an osteopath were beneficial for a while, but only helped the symptoms, not the causes. The result was more osteopath appointments & more expense.

I discovered posture alignment therapy (PAT) through Roz who also happens to be my brilliant yoga teacher as well as a therapist. PAT provides an in depth diagnosis of the postural issues that can cause problems & offers individually tailored exercises with regular monitoring to remedy them. Roz is a fabulous, empathetic, motivational therapist who is happy to adapt exercises to suit you so they fit into your daily routines. 

Roz’s programmes have really worked for me & resulted improvements in weeks - far more quickly than I expected. My back pain is almost non-existent & I would highly recommend Roz’s PAT sessions to anyone with back, neck, or shoulder issues - as an added bonus she also does terrific massages! (She can also be daft as a brush!) 

The Bren 

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I went to see Roz because of pain resulting from my difficulties with my mobility caused by M.S. 

She explained things simply and clearly at a pace that suited me. Roz was able to adapt her work to suit my particular needs and this served to reinforce my confidence in her knowledge, ability and practice.

I would recommend Posture Alignment Therapy to anyone suffering from chronic muscle pain and headaches.

It has helped me considerably in getting the most out of other therapeutic exercises do such as Yoga, Pilates and assisted gym.



I cannot praise enough the positive impact that doing Posture Alignment Therapy with Roz Holmes has had on my life both physically and mentally. 

I am now able to move without pain and do normal things! ( like bending, reaching, sitting for more than 10 minutes...).

Roz was so thorough in her assessment of my condition and in organising a programme that was particular to me.

It has been a complete re-education of how I use my body. I have become in tune with my body in a way unprecedented and I have learnt to regulate what I do and how I do it.

Roz has been attentive to the slightest change and so observant of progress; progress which has happened steadily but amazingly quickly for me. I have been surprised, pleasantly so, how small but well-thought out movements have such a beneficial impact.

The menu of exercises has evolved as progress took place but there has been a strong core of exercises that have remained throughout. Roz has made herself available to respond to needs and concerns and knowing that, has made a massive difference to how I coped.

Throughout Roz has given me the confidence that I would get through and be able to do things I love again. She gently encouraged me to have a go at exercises that she had suggested/devised and which I had been unable to do without pain prior to starting the therapy. I knew throughout that the choices were considered extremely carefully.

One of the things I admire the most about Roz is her holistic approach. Nothing is done in a vacuum. She certainly did not stop at the problem I came to her with. She addressed many other issues which indeed proved to have contributed to my problems.

I would also recommend her commitment, professionalism, expertise and deep knowledge, thorough understanding of the body, discretion and certainly her sense of fun. She has been able to bring together her different, valuable professional experiences to provide a positive and curative therapy; at the same time leaving me with a core of something that will stay with me for life and that enables me to prevent a recurrence of the problem I had.

Thank you Roz with all my heart............and body!

Liz Magraw

I was having neck/shoulder, upper back and hip pain and after a chat with Roz I had some sessions of posture alignment therapy .   

 The exercises that Roz devised for me very quickly eased my back and hip pain and then the neck and shoulders , and as an unexpected bonus some of the exercises helped with my breathing  !!   ( I suffer from asthma and COPD).

I continue to do the exercises at home and I know I can contact Roz at any time for a further session if required.

I would highly recommend posture alignment therapy and Roz is an excellent therapist.
Love Christine

"I have been doing Roz’s yoga classes for years.  She has a holistic, non competitive approach to teaching which is lovely, there is no pressure to get into weird, extreme yoga positions, she encourages you to listen to your body and do what you can.  My body has definitely benefitted from yoga over the years.  I have also had posture alignment therapy with Roz after historical lower back issues flared up.  What I have learned from the sessions I apply to daily life now and it has definitely made a difference to my body.  I would recommend Roz, she is very experienced in everything she does".

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